Groomer Edit

The groomer is a two-handed heavy weapon often wielded by the tribes of carotian people in the southern part of Esmirat. The weapon is often passed down successively through generations as a hierloom in the different carotian families.

The groomer is a wide sword with a short handle. The groomer is designed to gain as much angular momentum while swinging as possible, but due to this, it is a weapon that is very hard to controll. The weapon carries a high risk but often imposes a high reward. Only the fiercest warriors of the carotian families are able to wield the weapon with great skill, since it renders great straint on the wielders shoulders and lower arms in order to controll the angular momentum.

Examples of one of these distinctive warriors is :Selmir Hammurfrirk:, who wields the weapon, despite not being a carotian.